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The Team

Who We Are


O'livia Reposa

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Surviving Change Foundation, is a human trafficking survivor turned advocate and entrepreneur. Leveraging over a decade of lived experience, Olivia established her nonprofit to bridge the gap between law enforcement and human trafficking victims, offering expert advice to both survivors and authorities.  As the first survivor in Virginia to achieve vacatur, she offers specialized services to Survivor Ventures participants who are eligible as well.


Jasmine Rose

Program Director

As Program Director of Surviving Change Foundation, Jasmine's commitment to supporting people who have experienced human trafficking is truly admirable. With 8 years of lived experience she is leveraging her own journey and expertise as she creates a safe & empowering space for survivors to rebuild their lives and regain their confidence. Providing advocacy for criminal record relief is a vital aspect of her work, as it helps survivors overcome additional barriers to healing and reintegration into society.

tiffany bio pic.webp
tiffany bio pic.webp

Tiffany McGee

Board Of Directors -Treasurer

Rene Hudson

Board of Directors-Vice President

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